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5 things to do at TGT with your kids

5 Things to do on a quick getaway with your family

Your kids& summer vacations will be over soon and then it will be back to the usual grind.

While summer holidays are fun for children, they mean more work for parents as they find

activities to keep children occupied and then drive them around. While kids enjoy their

vacations, parents end up tiring themselves!

A short vacation to a weekend getaway near Delhi is the perfect way to end the holidays and

recharge your batteries. The Golden Tusk, which shares its walls with Jim Corbett National Park

offers something for every family member to enjoy. With its emphasis on a complete family

getaway, The Golden Tusk packs a lot of activities for its guests in its seven acres.

Following are a list of activities that our guests, both children and adults can indulge in while

on a short trip:

Jungle safari – If you are travelling to Jim Corbett, a jungle safari is a must. The time of schools’

reopening usually coincides with the national park closing, so a short trip to enjoy a tiger or

deer sighting one last time is recommended. Kids love to see the tiger in the open, and a sight

of this majestic beast is a treat before their school starts.

Cool yourself in our swimming pool – Like animals in jungles converge around a watering hole,

so it is with our swimming pool. It is among the most popular spots among our guests as it is

more than just a hole to cool yourself. The swimming pool is in itself a very popular spot on

our resort, transforming itself from a water volley ball court to a place where people eat!

The swimming pool features a kiddie pool for toddlers and a full sized pool adults. Children

love to frolic in the calm, deep blue water while their parents watch over them, sitting

peacefully in the same pool. If you are more of an adventurous parent, the pool becomes your

playground. It can support team sports such as water volleyball or simply splashing around.

Fancy a card game? The swimming pool areas also sees many poolside card parties being held,

where guests meet over a friendly game of cards. Test your skill or your luck over a pack of 52s

while you soaking in the quiet night.

A stroll with family – The landscaped lawns at The Golden Tusk are perfect for a family to take

a stroll and catch up on each other’s lives. Discover the joys of family as you walk with your

children and significant other, shooting breeze, laughing, sharing memories, making new ones.

The walks are all the more pleasant due to the fine weather that persists in Jim Corbett

National Park throughout the year.

The walks are also an opportunity to educate you kids and be educated yourself about the

wide variety wildlife that lives around you. Our staff knows all about the local wildlife and are

eager to help eager minds.

Indoor games – At The Golden Tusk, not everything happens outside. Even inside the resort we

have The Den, an indoor recreation facility. With activities like board games, table tennis and

pool table, we make sure that even staying indoor can be fun.

Outdoor Games – Summers are not usually associated with outdoor sports like basketball,

volleyball or badminton, but with Jim Corbett being blessed with such fine weather, don’t miss

out on an opportunity to play these games! We also have activities like rappelling and wall

climbing for those with a more adventurous streak.


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Want to book your safari? Send us a query by clicking on jungle safari button and we will get in touch with you!
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