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An Unforgettable Honeymoon

Wake up! My wife shouted as she hurled away from the blanket I was cuddling with. Tired and twisted, I looked at her with a perplexed glance, curious, as to know what could possibly go wrong when I am asleep. You forgot our honeymoon! She screamed, alarmed by the graveness of the felony I had committed, I quickly rose from my bed and started thinking about the corrective steps I needed to take in order to ameliorate the situation in hand. Calm down, Anita! we can still make it to the airport if we leave now, oblivious about the time, I spoke, only to realize how naive I was. The plane has already left! She sighed, with disappointment, a memorable day for us was quickly turning into one, filled with dismay and disdain. In a flash, I picked up my laptop and logged into the website of Golden tusk resort, located at Ramnagar. It’s time to reignite the spark, I said to myself. After the booking, I went up to Anita and asked her to give me one more chance. Since the luggage was already packed I just threw it on the back seat of the car and headed towards our destination.
Located at a distance of nearly 240 Kms from Delhi the place is not much far, and hence in about 5 hrs, we were about to reach Ramnagar from where the resort was just 15 Kms away. The winding roads, lush green forest and the misty view of mountains were enough to cheer up Anita once again but this was just a trailer of what was in store for her. 30 minutes down the line Anita was back to her chirpy self and we had reached, what could only be defined as the epitome of beauty “The Golden Tusk Resort”. As we moved towards the resort we were both amazed by the beautiful landscaping, it was like the entire resort has amalgamated into the surrounding forest. At the reception, we were greeted by the humble staff of the resort, who welcomed us with some refreshing drinks and then guided us to our Villa. The Villa was nothing like we had ever seen, framed by lush tropical foliage and an expansive view of the resort, the entire experience felt like a dream come true, as we both were a little tired we decided to rest for a while in the villa and take a look at the various amenities that adorned it.
After sleeping for an hour or two we woke up in the evening and felt enamored with the look of the resort, the entire place seemed lit up by thousands of fireflies under the glittering sky of the night. I was ready to make up for my morning mistake and so asked Anita to get dressed up for dinner. The golden forest restaurant at the golden tusk resort is one of the finest restaurants in India and provides a highly customizable experience for its guests, I thus decided to take Anita there and instead of dining at the usual dining hall I took her to the deck and barbeque section where we both relished the mouth-watering food served to us, coupled with a mesmerizing view of the reserve forest and river Dhela. After having a sumptuous meal, we headed back to our villa and sat near the crackling firewood arranged for us, the divine moment had washed away all the sins I had committed this morning, and all I could see in her eyes was the affection I was longing for, the affection that was a result of this beautiful place.

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Want to book your safari? Send us a query by clicking on jungle safari button and we will get in touch with you!
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