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Teach your Children why Wildlife is important for the Ecology

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Dec 12

If people were superior to animals, they’d take better care of them.” ~ Winnie the Pooh, A. A. Milne Did you know that by 2035 we would have witnessed the extinction of half million species of both animals and plants? The conservation of wildlife is more pressing than we realise, especially because of the diversity of the animal kingdom tomorrow, depends on what we teach our

Getaway! This weekend

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Nov 24

It’s Friday, the day of the week that is highly revered by all the office goers, for it is on this day, that the dreadful weekdays turn into auspicious weekends. I am Rahul an average joe who works his socks off on weekdays, and “takes a pill in Ibiza” on weekends. This is my story of how I once got to spend them.

An Unforgettable Honeymoon

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Nov 12

Wake up! My wife shouted as she hurled away from the blanket I was cuddling with. Tired and twisted, I looked at her with a perplexed glance, curious, as to know what could possibly go wrong when I am asleep. You forgot our honeymoon! She screamed, alarmed by the graveness of the felony I had committed, I quickly rose from my bed and started thinking about

Experiencing safari

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Oct 21

Sometimes the place you visit becomes a part of you. My trip to The golden tusk resort located in the lap of Jim Corbett national park was one such place. It all started with a plan, a plan that became a reality and brought me in acquaintance with heaven on earth. Hurry up! I shouted as we ran to catch our train to Ramnagar that was about to embark on a trip to this quaint

Diwali at Corbett

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Oct 11

The twinkling lights and the shimmering flame of the earthen lamps create a mesmerizing view of India’s biggest religious celebration. The alluring festival of light, that celebrates the victory of good over evil, came into being after Lord Ram ended his 14 years in exile and returned back to Ayodhya. But today the very essence of the festival is dwindling in the smoke and crackle of crackers, leaving us exasperated with nothing more than a

Mysterious Gin Tree

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Sep 26

It’s Thursday night and I finally reached home after being stuck in traffic for two hours! I slumped on the couch, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Right then, an idea hit me. Suddenly energised, I leapt at my phone and text my comrades-in-arms, my two best friends, “Road trip to Corbett. Get your bikes ready. Report at my place on Saturday at 6 AM.” and then opened my laptop to make reservations.

Our Planet, Our Responsibility

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Sep 16

  As autumn approaches and Sun plays a game of ‘hide and seek’ in the sky, Jim Corbett looks picture perfect. The forest all around has come alive, birds are singing new songs with the crickets adding to the background score and our animal friends are coming out of their hide-outs. We are Radhika & Karan, we have left the hustle and bustle of cities behind to quench our thirst forgreenery and do our bit

See Jim Corbett Rejuvenate in Monsoons

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Aug 25

It has been a month since monsoons arrived in Jim Corbett, and we couldn’t be happier. See, we love the summers and the fun and frolic associated with it. We also wouldn’t mind getting a tan, though given our typical Indian complexion, nobody would notice. But the rains bring out the child in us, and this year hasn’t been different. Summers are when every living soul at Jim Corbett looks for a shade to rest.

Four reasons that will make your visit to The Golden Tusk in August special

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Aug 12

August is upon us, and we have been back to the grind for a month now. Most of us are grateful for the monsoons making our daily commute to work pleasant. All this pleasantness only makes us wish for more! Perhaps if you could go to a weekend

International Tiger Day: A special day at Jim Corbett

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Jul 26

At Jim Corbett National Park, July ends on a memorable and sombre note, for this is when the world recognised that Tigers were facing extinction. July 29 was declared as the International Tiger Day at an international tiger summit in 2010 attended by India, Russia, Bangladesh, Nepal and many other countries, in addition to celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio together pledging million to save the tiger. Participants at the summit recognised the dwindling tiger population

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Want to book your safari? Send us a query by clicking on jungle safari button and we will get in touch with you!
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