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Four reasons that will make your visit to The Golden Tusk in August special

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Aug 12

August is upon us, and we have been back to the grind for a month now. Most of us are grateful for the monsoons making our daily commute to work pleasant. All this pleasantness only makes us wish for more! Perhaps if you could go to a weekend

International Tiger Day: A special day at Jim Corbett

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Jul 26

At Jim Corbett National Park, July ends on a memorable and sombre note, for this is when the world recognised that Tigers were facing extinction. July 29 was declared as the International Tiger Day at an international tiger summit in 2010 attended by India, Russia, Bangladesh, Nepal and many other countries, in addition to celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio together pledging million to save the tiger. Participants at the summit recognised the dwindling tiger population

Experience Magic becoming a Reality During Monsoons

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Jul 20

Let‟s do a mind exercise. Close your eyes and say the words „Jim Corbett Nature Park‟ aloud. What comes to your mind? A thick, dense jungle? A tiger hiding in the bushes? What else? Deer, monkeys, elephants? What if we told you there‟s more. There‟s magic. Jim Corbett is rightly associated with tigers, but we at The Golden Tusk know there is more to the jungle than just tigers. Sure, they are the pride of

Travelling to Corbett during the Monsoons

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Jun 29

Monsoons are upon us and very soon, the area surrounding Jim Corbett National Park will see a spurt of greens on a backdrop of turquoise blues and dark greys. The already-pleasant winds will give way to cool breezes that carry the scent of mud, fresh blooms and foliage with them. Birds, animals and insects will render the air with their own symphonies. It is times like these that you say: What a time

5 things to do at TGT with your kids

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Jun 28

5 Things to do on a quick getaway with your family Your kids& summer vacations will be over soon and then it will be back to the usual grind. While summer holidays are fun for children, they mean more work for parents as they find activities to keep children occupied and then drive them around. While kids enjoy their vacations, parents end up tiring themselves! A short vacation to a weekend getaway near Delhi is

My Moment of Serendipity – KLF

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Jan 20

I would like to admit that I was at The Golden Tusk for vacation with my friends and got a chance to be a part of the Kumaon Literary Fest by sheer luck. Here I was at the resort with my best pals, just soaking up the sunshine and the sheer warmth of the place when I found out that The Golden Tusk would be hosting a literature fest for the next few

Kumaon Literary Fest – A surprising best time to visit

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Jan 10
Arriving at Jim Corbett Jim Corbett in the month of October is a sheer romantic place (though I was there for Professional work :|). The nights are cold, the days are warm and the weather is really good to enjoy and relish the place. We reached Ramnagar by train and were picked up by Thar (the spirit of adventure kicks in with that car ;)) of the resort. The drive from

Corbett Tiger Reserve- TOFTigers

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Nov 06

Golden Tusk Resort

Just five minutes of drive from the Jhirna and Dhela safari zones, The Golden Tusk is a boutique resort spread in over seven acres of landscaped estate nestled at the edge of reserve forest and on the banks of river Dhela.

Withdraw yourself from routine and immerse yourself in leisure activities for all age groups in and around this quaint locality. The resort offers a complete getaway experience with 40 well-appointed

Losing ourselves in the wilderness

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Sep 29

Losing ourselves in the wilderness @ The Golden Tusk Resort, Jim Corbett National Park i) Their Habitat Situated in Nainital District, Jim Corbett is a haven for all wildlife (adventure) enthusiasts. It is a great preference for weekend getaway from the concrete jungles of the city. We, a group of 10-12 people, left our office and were all set for a 6-7 hours journey to Jim Corbett. We

The much needed break!

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Sep 25

Away from the routine life, this group of young people from an MNC, booked rooms with us. Mesmerised with the beauty of nature, they took a lot of images and spent a lot of time amidst the open premises. Now we get to see them come with their families on a monthly basis. One of them quoted, “This isn’t a break from routine, its the real fun for which we earn”.

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Want to book your safari? Send us a query by clicking on jungle safari button and we will get in touch with you!
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