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Four reasons that will make your visit to The Golden Tusk in August special

August is upon us, and we have been back to the grind for a month now. Most of us are grateful for the monsoons making our daily commute to work pleasant. All this pleasantness only makes us wish for more! Perhaps if you could go to a weekend getaway near Delhi, driving down the open road, lush greenery passing us by, sun hidden behind clouds.

The urge to travel out of the city to a weekend getaway is strong in monsoons as the dark clouds and green trees seen from office windows remind us of the great outdoors. At The Golden Tusk, we know that while hitting the road on an impulse seems like a good idea for bachelors, families need to plan ahead. So we give to you four good reasons to hit the road and visit Jim Corbett National Park in August:

1)      Friendship Day (August 6)

On August 6, head over to The Golden Tusk with your band of fellow adventurers. Friendship day is the perfect excuse to call up and meet your college friends, or meet your professional buddies for some fun times. The Golden Tusk has a host of activities for friends of all ages and interests, from outdoor activities such as jungle safari to book clubs to a lively bar. Whether you are meeting up with your college buddies or office colleagues.

2)      Independence Day (August 15)

We are grateful for our freedoms, and salute the sacrifices people made to achieve it. But when the Independence Day is preceded by a long weekend, we say, ‘Let’s party!’. The upcoming Independence Day will follow a weekend and Janamashtami, making it four holidays right in the middle of the month. The long holidays makes it a good reason to get away from the city with your to a resort in Corbett. The resorts in Jim Corbett are less crowded than most tourist places even at full capacity, making it an ideal place to holiday. Visit The Golden Tusk during this time for some quality time with your family, away from the hustle bustle of the cities. While the children enjoy swimming and playing, the adults can enjoy a good book, a nice walk, a good conversation.

3)      International Photography Day (August 19)

A day for the serious shutterbugs. International Photography Day is not a recognized holiday, but photographers still organize outings on this day to celebrate photography. If you are a hobbyist photographer, what better place to spend it, than amidst the picturesque beauty of the Jim Corbett National Park! In August, the place is a riot of colours, from the bright green of leaves to the deep browns of trees, and a multitude of flowers of many colours. This is also the best time to see wild animals roaming about. Add to this, photographers can enjoy long nature walks to soak in the beauty of sunlight filtering through trees, light reflecting on water, birds perched on branches, pugmarks in your path. The resort, with its proximity to the jungle, brings you as close to it as possible without the attracting any danger.

4)      National Sports Day (August 29)

We were all sportspersons once; we just took up the race of life. But once in a while, we can relive our sporting days. The National Sports Day is a day when we can relive our sporting glories and combine it with a luxurious stay at The Golden Tusk. The resort has a host of sporting activities like table tennis, croquet, swimming and adventure activities like wall climbing, ladder climbing (jumaring), rappelling, zipping, tyre web and for our little adventurous guests we have burma bridge, commando net, zigzag and much more to satisfy itch for a sport, and when you have played to your heart’s content, you can relax in the calm environs of Jim Corbett.


There are other reasons for visiting too, like the amazing weather, chance to see the tiger in its natural habitat, getting close to nature etc., but these four reasons will make your stay at The Golden Tusk in the company of special persons or following personal passions even more special.

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Want to book your safari? Send us a query by clicking on jungle safari button and we will get in touch with you!
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