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International Tiger Day: A special day at Jim Corbett

At Jim Corbett National Park, July ends on a memorable and sombre note,
for this is when the world recognised that Tigers were facing extinction. July
29 was declared as the International Tiger Day at an international tiger
summit in 2010 attended by India, Russia, Bangladesh, Nepal and many
other countries, in addition to celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio
together pledging million to save the tiger. Participants at the
summit recognised the dwindling tiger population and pledged to double it
by 2022. Since then, each year on July 29, we remember these magnificent
Tigers are at the top of the jungle food chain. Very few animals can match
them in ferocity, but even they prefer not to cross the paths of these
magnificent beasts. In a jungle, the arrival of a tiger precedes him. One can
tell when a tiger is approaching from the distressed calls of birds, the rush
of monkeys and deer in one direction, followed by a deathly silence. That is
your best opportunity to watch them quietly. No other animal, not matter
how ferocious, can match the tiger when it comes to commanding respect.
If we removed such a majestic beast from the ecosystem, jungle life would
crumble ( Scientist predicts that if
tigers become extinct, herbivores like deer, wild boar, Nilgai and others
would ravage the jungle by eating up all vegetation. Once this is done, they
would be forced to migrate to other areas for more food, thus disrupting the
ecological balance there. Also, a denuded forest would cause
environmental changes too. Clearly, Tiger is needed to keep the population
of herbivores in check.

The Golden Tusk, along with the other resorts in Jim Corbett, has been
celebrating International Tiger‟s Day since its inception. This day is of
special significance for us as Jim Corbett, after whose name the national
park is named, was the first person to talk of saving tigers instead of killing
them. On this day, we like to talk to our guests who have come for a tiger
safari about these magnificent beasts.
Tigers have been an integral part of the Kumaon and Garhwali culture and
part of many a folklore. Our favourite one is the first warnings that a young
Jim Corbett got from a local poacher, “When in the jungles, never speak of
a tiger by its name, for if you do, the tiger is sure to appear.” Locals fear
and revere them in equal measure. The Bollywood cliché of Kumaoni and
Garhwali people being usually named Sher Singh is a testament to how
intrinsic Tigers are in our lives.
At The Golden Tusk, we are modern in our outlook, but our roots remain
firmly in areas around Jim Corbett.
If you come to The Golden Tusk for a weekend getaway or a jungle safari
in Jim Corbett, be sure to check out our library that has many books on
tigers and conservation. Read about the man-eater of Kumaon, the famous
chronicle by Jim Corbett where he hunted a feared tiger. Also, read about
other man-eaters that troubled this region.
At The Golden Tusk, the staff are all local. Each has their own personal
Tiger stories told by grandparents, from a time when the region was not a
protected forest and when tigers, hunters and the hunted were an
ecosystem in themselves. We recommend listening to such tales, which
cannot found be any book.
For the last few years, Tiger Day is more enjoyable than sombre in the
resorts in Jim Corbett. The reason for this is the news that Uttarakhand was
found to have the second largest tiger population

( after Karnataka. The

tiger population grew from 227 to 340. To see our jungles becoming home
to more of these magnificent creatures is a matter of pride for us. July 29 is
always a happy day at The Golden Tusk and guests visiting us around this
time can feel the happiness around.

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