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Kumaon Literary Fest – A surprising best time to visit

Arriving at Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett in the month of October is a sheer romantic place (though I was there for Professional work :|). The nights are cold, the days are warm and the weather is really good to enjoy and relish the place. We reached Ramnagar by train and were picked up by Thar (the spirit of adventure kicks in with that car ;)) of the resort. The drive from the station to the resort is scary, adventurous and something which you will certainly cherish if you are from a big metropolitan city like me and miss the small thrills of life.vSo when this fresh air hits you, you realize why people fall in love with nature.

Marking our territory at The Golden Tusk

We were given tent houses to stay in. These were like magical tents – fashionable, simple, had an earthy feel to them. Our tent had a sitting space, which further led us to the bed area, followed by the wardrobe and washroom area. At nights, I did feel a little scared because you know that you are in a middle of a jungle and any animal can be just outside your tent. The meals were thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. The lavish breakfasts (cheese sausages being my fav) and lunch and dinners served as per our pick and chef’s choice were enjoyed by all. The layered Parathas the chef specially made for our group were outstanding. The warm smiles of the staff at the resort make you believe that simplicity still exists.

The Kumaon Literary Festival

The KLF night was splendid – with a little chill, people all around us behaved like a nerdy bunch. We spotted quite a few page 3 and well known faces – Durjoy Dutta, Ravinder Singh, Manu Singh Sannghvi, Nupur Sharma being a few. We enjoyed the finger food along with different sorts of wines. The story reading and book launch sessions were interesting. We even had a session of parenting (silly for us to attend :P)  which was quite an interactive one and we called it “Sneh- Art of Parenting”.

The flowers were in full bloom, the nights were calm and relaxing.I especially remember that one night when we stayed up till 1am to play basketball and I beat 2 of my guy friends.

All in all, this is one trip I will look back to and cherish with my travel buddies. All my Corbett selfies have ended up on a special page in my journal, which I have named my #RetreatInCorbett

-Aditi Ohri

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