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Losing ourselves in the wilderness

Losing ourselves in the wilderness @ The Golden Tusk Resort, Jim Corbett National Park

i) Their Habitat

Situated in Nainital District, Jim Corbett is a haven for all wildlife (adventure) enthusiasts. It is a great preference for weekend getaway from the concrete jungles of the city. We, a group of 10-12 people, left our office and were all set for a 6-7 hours journey to Jim Corbett. We booked a tempo traveler, for the comfort it gives and indeed a luxurious ride in itself.

The Jim Corbett National Park, formerly known as the Hailey National Park was established in the year 1936, is a renowned tiger reserve in India. Just before the launch of Project Tiger in the year 1974, the park comprised an area stretching approximately 324-square kilometers. Thereafter several measures were undertaken to expand the territory to protect the forest from excessive poaching and deforestation.

ii) Arriving at The GoldenTusk

We booked our deal with Golden Tusk Resort, Jim Corbett. The resort is beautifully made with colorful ambience. We wanted to take the camp – but we finally took the room suite.  It leaves you bemused with the lavish comforts of the modern livings amid the charms of nature.


We managed to take a look at the camps. They seem very cosy and warm enough for the freezing winter.

As the air starts to get chilly, we camp ourselves under the stars and enjoyed the bonfire. A barbeque was also arranged for us. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The dinner served, was fresh, hot and finger-licking delicious. The chef had his magical spoon work for us. We enjoyed chicken tikka, chicken masala kebab, corn and peas tikki, paneer tikka masala and lot more.


Post our dinner, we also went around to check the “in and out” and the surrounding of the resort.

Spectacular, mesmerizing, breathtaking, probably an endless list of adjectives would fall short to describe this place.


Also, the weather could get a little rough and it did during our stay. It rained!! However, the staff was prompt and courteous to arrange these “huge” umbrella, that saved us. And they made arrangement for us, inside a room, so that the rain couldn’t dampen the spirit.


iii) The Adventure Began

We were all set for early morning Jeep Safari. The booking for Jeep safaris has to be done in advance and the safaris are allowed in the mornings.


We headed towards our open Maruti Jypsy in the dark. The jeep accommodated us and the driver, who was also our guide. Jim Corbett is divided into four zones – Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna and Durgadevi, with every zone having its separate entry gate.


Corbett has approx 200 tigers in 1200kms, so it’s next to impossible to spot a tiger. But all together a wonderful experience with The Golden Tusk stealing the show. The impressive vehicle drove us through a stream to its other side, where we continued our journey till we all wanted our cup of tea and some hot snacks to fill.

iv) For the Brave & Strong

It was cold – freezing, teeth-chattering. Our hands had gone so numb that we were finding difficulty in clicking pictures.


As we drove deeper into the jungle, we saw quite a few langurs, a couple of barking deers – to name a few.  It was both exciting and scary at the same time.


If you could stop for a while, suggested that you must experience the pin drop silence around. When no one moves, no one speaks. All you can hear is the wind, the rustle of the leaves, the flowing stream, chirping sound of the birds. You may also hear the sound of your own heartbeat. It is a state of trance.


This weekend getaway will be etched in our memories forever for so many reasons.

The place leave you overwhelmed and feel relaxed (entirely the purpose of every weekend trip).


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Want to book your safari? Send us a query by clicking on jungle safari button and we will get in touch with you!
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