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My Moment of Serendipity – KLF

I would like to admit that I was at The Golden Tusk for vacation with my friends and got a chance to be a part of the Kumaon Literary Fest by sheer luck. Here I was at the resort with my best pals, just soaking up the sunshine and the sheer warmth of the place when I found out that The Golden Tusk would be hosting a literature fest for the next few days. With the implausibly friendly staff to the gorgeous room I was staying in, I hadn’t expected my stay to get any better, and yet it did. For the next few days, I was surrounded by people who had vivid imaginations and a gift for storytelling. As a creative professional, that made for a very fulfilling experience. Wild life lovers and literature enthusiasts mingled in every corner and intellectual conversations flowed effortlessly all around me. By the day, I enjoyed a good read or two and by the evening, my friends and I would explore the resort, set up in the hills in all its glory.  

Rediscovering The Golden Tusk

The Golden Tusk certainly had a lot to offer besides KLF as well. It has a lot of character for one. With the leaves changing colors and the cold breeze grazing our skin right outside our rooms can only be described as surreal. What made everything better was the staff however. The activity manager had a lot planned for us and kept us engaged with facts and trivia about the land, its flora and fauna. Food was lovely just like we had expected as we had already heard from other friends who were well acquainted with the resort, only this time we got to experience it all and also got a tour of the bakery which was gearing up for the upcoming Christmas season. The dining hall space and view was incredible, just overlooking the lush expanse of the resort.

We were even lucky to be able to enjoy the pool side as there was just enough sun to keep us warm in the fall season. The water was flooded with light from the sun and beamed at us all afternoon.The night view was equally captivating as bulbs and fairy lights twinkled in the dark.

Until next time…

My vacation at The Golden Tusk was certainly the best one of 2016. I had to take some time out and cancel a few prior appointments to take this holiday but The Golden Tusk experience was well worth it. I still think about some of the conversations I had with the people I met at KLF and I feel inspired by their stories. The books I picked up at the fest have found home on my bookshelf and I look forward to reading them when my schedule clears up a little bit. I only wish my stay had lasted a little bit longer but there are no regret where there is serendipity.

Until next time…

-Vedanshu S

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