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Our Planet, Our Responsibility


As autumn approaches and Sun plays a game of ‘hide and seek’ in the sky, Jim Corbett looks picture perfect. The forest all around has come alive, birds are singing new songs with the crickets adding to the background score and our animal friends are coming out of their hide-outs.
We are Radhika & Karan, we have left the hustle and bustle of cities behind to quench our thirst forgreenery and do our bit for the environment, we all are a part.
While we are at The Golden Tusk, a resort nestled in Jim Corbett, we see how this resort strives to create everlasting memories for their guests by offering unique experiences and rejuvenating stays.
Karan and Me (Radhika) belong to a North Indian family. Both our parents are from Defence, while we both work at MNCs. So while I love feeding stray dogs, Karan has always been the environment lover. So we try doing whatever is possible in our small little world, to make sure we do not hurt the beautiful environment, we are a part of. So while we were to celebrate our 1st anniversary together, Karan found about The Golden Tusk, through their Facebook page and felt, we can not only do justice to ourselves but also to the environment, the 2nd thing he loves after me, 😉 by visiting them on the World Ozone Day.

Our planet has many defence mechanisms to protect life, and one these mechanisms is The Ozone
Layer. It is a thin and fragile layer of the Ozone gas found in our atmosphere. This layer is vital as it absorbs the harmful UV rays emitted from Sun while allowing the other good life sustaining rays to pass. Over exposure to UV rays can sometimes lead to adverse skin ailments in human beings. World Ozone Day is celebrated to remind us of our commitment to Ozone layer and to our surprise this resort was celebrating the same this 2017.

As we enjoyed quality time with each other, with The Golden Tusk’s loving staff, relaxing and
rejuvenating in the swimming pool, enjoying a drink at “the Deck” , testing your adventurous side with rock climbing & attending the Do-Don’t to save the precious Ozone layer in evenings with sumptuous snacks, never did we realize, being Environmental friendly could be a lot fun.
For reducing our carbon footprint the resort firmly believes in “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” and this reflects in little things which are a part of the resort – you will find 2 types of bins at the resort – Degradable and Non-Degradable. The rooms we were staying in had all its furniture made of recycled ship deck wood. All their waste is segregated based on bio-degradation and green waste makes its way to compost pits. The sludge from the plantations is used as manure. For water preservation, they use drip technology for watering the plants and sewage treatment plant has also been installed.
So if you are environmentally conscious and feel like you can make some change with your actions, this resort is surely the place for you. #RetreatInCorbett

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Want to book your safari? Send us a query by clicking on jungle safari button and we will get in touch with you!
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