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Secrets of the Golden Flower


                                                                                                                                                                   Eat. Sleep. Travel. Relax. Repeat!

While on a vacation at Jim Corbett (National Park) you would definitely enjoy the adventures of the wildlife Jungle Safari, the walks amongst the mystical forests, and the peace and serenity of the endless landscapes. However, we, at the Golden Tusk Resort, don’t want your fun to end there. We wish to give you experiences like never before. Over the years, we have come to be known amongst the best resorts in Corbett, especially because our property is secluded and spacious. It is indeed like a perfect canvas, where you can spend the entire day coasting and relaxing. Like all good things, it is best to come and enjoy the experiences we offer, in the true sense, to realise what makes our resort in Corbett so magical!

Relax with us!

When was the last time you put everything aside and took some ‘me’ time? Occasionally it’s important to take a break from our stressful daily routines. Your vacation is the perfect time to take this ‘time-off’ without feeling guilty about keeping your work waiting.

At our resort in Corbett, we offer Spa treatments that will definitely help you become energetic, fresh and de-stressed. The Golden Flower Spa works to improve your ‘wellness quotient’ with numerous world-class therapies. But which one should you choose? We have picked a few highlights from our extensive menu to help you make a choice.

  1.   Full Body Massages: It gives your soothing warmth and offers heightened relaxation. We, at the Golden Tusk Resort in Corbett, have sorted which one you need to pick, so that, you can get straight to your relaxing experience. The Swedish massage has been designed for first-timers, while the Deep Tissue Healing is especially for recovering from your rigorous treks and adventures. The Balinese massage improves your flexibility and the aromatherapies can help improve your mood and de-stresses your body.
  2.   Quick Heal Sessions: If you are pressed for time, or have very specific needs, we offer customised treatments to improve your ‘stress areas’. Right from the Chakra head massage, to the Thai foot reflexology to the Kundalini back treatment, we have it all! Combine a few to get a specialised experience.
  3.   Scrub and Wraps: A body scrub will exfoliate your skin, removing flaky dead skin, giving way to a softer and smoother feeling all over. Our wraps help improve your skin quality, healing it right from the tissues. Not only will your skin feel renewed and fresh, the treatment will also improve blood circulations and elimination of toxins, giving you a youthful and beautiful glow.
  4.   Make time for Love: Our signature couple massages deserves special mention. This exclusive experience at the Golden Tusk Resort in Corbett will definitely be a romantic encounter to remember. The private ambience and the relaxing therapies are the perfect way to celebrate your unity and share your love. You can customise your experience from our extensive mean, with a combination of body treatments and massages.

At the end of your jungle safari, do make the time to visit our Golden Flower Spa, and revel in the relaxing fragrances, soothing ambiance, and outstanding therapies. Our expert professional therapists will guide you on your journey that will calm your mind, body, and soul.

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Want to book your safari? Send us a query by clicking on jungle safari button and we will get in touch with you!
Want to book your safari? Send us a query by clicking on jungle safari button and we will get in touch with you!
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