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See Jim Corbett Rejuvenate in Monsoons

It has been a month since monsoons arrived in Jim Corbett, and we couldn’t be happier. See,
we love the summers and the fun and frolic associated with it. We also wouldn’t mind getting a
tan, though given our typical Indian complexion, nobody would notice. But the rains bring out the
child in us, and this year hasn’t been different.
Summers are when every living soul at Jim Corbett looks for a shade to rest. Even people
looking for places to visit near Delhi visit here to get away from the harsh Delhi sun. Resorts in
Corbett usually see increased occupancy in the summer months. The jungles wear a tired look,
as the harsh sun dries up the vegetation and animals search for the next watering hole to gather
around. A jungle safari in such a weather can be tiring.
But come rains, the area around Jim Corbett undergoes a change. The rains put in motion a
process of change and rejuvenation that sees the forest and its surrounding areas change
colours, contours and sounds. So mesmerizing is the process that we can’t help but be lyrical
when describing it.
The tired, dried up jungle turns into a dense cover of green, and the brown earth wears a brand
new carpet of undergrowth. The ground that was dry and caked under an unrelenting sun, starts
giving out the sweet aroma of wet earth. The dry and heavy air is now a light wind that carries
the smell of wetness and replaces the warmth of the earth with coolness of the clouds. When it
rains, we go from fanning ourselves to taking breathing in and savouring the feel of wind on our
faces within the span of a few hours! Even the most elderly can’t help feeling like a child in that
first downpour.
The magic that begins in July is best experienced in August for by then, the transformation is
complete. Mornings at Jim Corbett begin with vigorous calls by birds and animals that sounds
like they are greeting each other a happy day ahead. The day oscillates between mild yet bright
yellow sunshine and a dense mist; between a breezy romance and a tense mystery.
By August, the jungle animals have gotten used to the rains and can be seen frolicking around.
As there is plenty of food around, they are not so focused on forging for food as on enjoying the
bounty that nature has served them. Right from deer to elephants to nilgai to boars, bears and

tigers, August is a time for feast. Rains also submerge the low-lying areas so all animals move
to the higher locations making them easier to spot than in the summer months.
It is ironic that in the months when the wildlife can be easily spotted, the resorts in Corbett
usually see less visitors, as most visitors get turned away by dire news reports of floods in the
mountains. Truth is, Jim Corbett National Park is situated in the foothills and does not face any
threat of floods. In fact, with the rains rejuvenating the land, there a lot more things to do in
Corbett than at any other time.
In August nature lovers coming to Jim Corbett for a weekend getaway can experience the tiger
safari unlike other times of the year. August is also a great time for photographers to visit, as the
jungle plays hosts to a large number of species, some of them migrating from large distances.
To click them in their natural habitat will thrill a photographer to no end. Rains are also the best
time to enjoy the local produce, fresh from our farms. It doesn’t get any more closer to nature
than this.
Even if you are not in the mood to go on a safari or click photos, the cool, calm and quiet
ambience of Jim Corbett cannot be found anywhere. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, the quiet
all around is soothing to the ears as well.
If you are looking for an experience that cannot be found any other time of the year over a
weekend getaway, Jim Corbett is the place to be. Come over, you won’t be disappointed.

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Want to book your safari? Send us a query by clicking on jungle safari button and we will get in touch with you!
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