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Sometimes the place you visit becomes a part of you. My trip to The golden tusk resort located in the lap of Jim Corbett national park was one such place. It all started with a plan, a plan that became a reality and brought me in acquaintance with heaven on earth.
Hurry up! I shouted as we ran to catch our train to Ramnagar that was about to embark on a trip to this quaint town in the state of Uttrakhand, famous for being the home of “Corbett National Park”. Gasping for breath we found our seats, as we sat on them gleaming with hope and excitement about what was waiting in store for us. The 6 hours long journey finally came to a halt when we reached our destination and deboarded the train, from there we took a cab to reach, what was about to be our humble abode for the next 6 days in this land of Jim Corbett, traversing the serpentine roads surrounded by hills and beautiful fauna the three of us were filled with awe for the beauty of this place, but little did we knew that this was just the beginning. On reaching the Golden Tusk resort the spectacle grew bolder as we looked at the pristine surroundings of the resort and the immaculate design of the villas peeking through the green paradise. Spell bounded we reached the reception where we were served some refreshing drinks and welcomed like a nobility, indulged in our drinks we surveyed the maps of different safari zones and inquired the manager at the resort about the same, he told us that there are six major safari zones in Corbett which are as follows:

Dhikala zone: Accessible between 15th November to 15th June every year, the entry gate for the zone is located at Dhangari which is located about 32 Kms from the resort. To enter the zone one needs to board the canter buses that are provided by the forest department at Ramnagar twice a day. Dhikala being the largest zone of Corbett national park has the most varied flora and fauna, ranging from large grasslands to
thick Sal forests.

Jhirna zone: With the entry gate Dhela located at a distance of mere 1.5 Kms from the resort, Jhirna is accessible throughout the year to sedate the adventurer in you. To enter the zone open jeep is provided by the resort in which you can experience the deciduous topography of the area and appease your soul with the mesmerizing view of the Jhirna falls, vast stream beds and cliff edges. Also, the rich landscape provides an excellent visibility of wild animals and birds.

Bijrani zone: Most popular for having the maximum number of tiger sightings after the Dhikala zone, Bijrani has a picturesque landscape comprising of grasslands, dense Sal forest, waterholes and river streams. The zone remains open from 1st October to 15th June every year and is accessed through its entry gate at Amdanda located about 17 Kms from the resort in an open jeep. During monsoons due to heavy rains the roads become dilapidated and hence this zone remains out of bounds for everyone.

Dhela zone: This zone situated right beside Jhirna zone of Corbett national park was opened for the tourists only in the year 2014. The abundant flora and fauna make it an ideal location to spot various wild animals like tigers, bears, leopards and different types of birds.

Durga Devi zone: Remains open between 1st October to 15th June every year, with its entry gate located at Durga Devi about 43 Kms from the resort. This zone although a bit far from the resort is the best place to sight wild elephants, otters, and the famous Mahasheer fish, also the topography serves as an ideal place for bird watching.

Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve: The third conservation reserve of Uttrakhand, it is drained by Kosi and Dabka rivers. The landscape is a beautiful mixture of hills and plains adorned by sal and mixed forests, grasslands and riverine forests. This results in a rich diversity of flora and fauna such as tigers, leopards, elephants and over 350 species of birds. It remains open between 1st October and 15th June every year and is entered via the entry gate at Kosi barage about 17 kms from the resort in an open jeep. Equipped with all the knowledge and touched by the humbleness of the staff members, we thanked for his time and moved towards our Forest View Suites in the resort. As soon as we reached our room, we were greeted by an amazing view of the forests through the french windows, giving us an impression as if the entire room amalgamated with the forest with nothing but a glass window between us. Tired and sleepy we threw our droopy bodies on the well-cushioned beds of the room to prepare ourselves for the adventures ahead.


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Want to book your safari? Send us a query by clicking on jungle safari button and we will get in touch with you!
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