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Teach your Children why Wildlife is important for the Ecology

“If people were superior to animals, they’d take better care of them.”
~ Winnie the Pooh, A. A. Milne

Did you know that by 2035 we would have witnessed the extinction of half million species of both animals and plants? The conservation of wildlife is more pressing than we realise, especially because of the diversity of the animal kingdom tomorrow, depends on what we teach our children today. The WWF’s (World Wildlife Fund) report goes on to say that the rapid extinction of species is 10,000 times more than the ideal natural extinction rates. In that case, what would happen to our prized Jim Corbett (National park) in ten years? Therefore, going back to the words of Winnie the Pooh, it is important that we take responsibility to care for the wildlife. Do we want the naach of the peacock and the dahaad of the tigers to become myths from legends?
We all remember the iconic scene from King Kong (2005) that tugs our heartstrings – It’s a teary climax as Kong shields Ann, and falls to his death from the top of Empire State Building; graphically generated or not, mighty Kong stole our hearts. The movie is an example that the first step to understanding and loving the wildlife is the emotional relationships we share with animals. Your child will certainly not feel such deep emotions from picture books. Sanctuaries like Jim Corbett (National park) presents us with a rare and life-changing opportunity to fall in love with the wildlife, for, there is beauty in beasts!

How loud is your roar?

In the words of Rudyard Kipling, “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” Collective efforts to protect the wildlife will not only ensure their perpetuation, but would also promote biodiversity. Without biodiversity, our ecosystem would be unbalanced and in a disastrous state.
Wildlife enriches our planet as it promotes the preservation of the natural environment. We derive a lot from the majestic forests. It helps is scientific research, climate regulation, soil preservation and water conservations to name a few. Every drop in the ocean counts, and thus we need to ensure that the future generation is aware of the task at hand. Jim Corbett (National park) focuses on conservation and preservation of our natural ecology; and when you visit Jim Corbett resorts with your family, you can experience the surrounding beauty that nature has to offer.

Adopt a fun Approach
Children learn best from actual interaction. By making learning fun, they remain engaged. When you take your child to Jim Corbett (National park) there are a lot of fun ways to teach them about our ecology. Here are a few:
Around Jim Corbett resort The Golden Tusk, there are several short walking trails that you can take your children on. You can teach them to identify plants, trees, birds and a few small animals that you might encounter on your walks. You would be able to spot fishing cats, langurs, walking deer and sloth bears to name a few.

Encourage your children to make sighting diaries, which would detail what they have spotted. It will encourage them to make their lists longer. In the end, they would have a record that they can refer to.

The Ramganga River, at the Jim Corbett (National park), is a prime spot that is home to a variety of fish. It will give your child an opportunity to interact with the fauna by the river, and to also appreciate the flora nearby.

The Golden Tusk Resort will also help arrange for a jungle safari, where your child might have an opportunity to see tigers, black bears, jackals, red foxes, and leopards to name a few. It would be an opportunity of a lifetime, a memory they will cherish. The experience will impart values about the importance of caring for our wildlife.
While teaching your children about wildlife conservation at Jim Corbett (National park), you also spend some quality time with your family at the beautiful Golden Tusk Resort that lets you unwind from your hectic schedule. At the end of it, your entire family would be encouraged to take positive steps towards protection of wildlife and our natural heritage!

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